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Tawwasal is a Palestinian-run translation and media site that aims to serve the Palestinian liberation movement by eliminating communication barriers between Palestinians on the ground and the global diaspora, as well as solidarity activists, by addressing the most fundamental aspect of communication: language. It is an initiative of Palestinians from Gaza, living inside and outside of Palestine.

We provide Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation services via our translators based in the Gaza Strip, and then share the translated pieces on our site. Translated pieces can be published on other media sites if the author prefers, and we help to facilitate this process.

Tawwasal is inspired by historical and recent revolutionary efforts to build connections across borders and struggles. The blockade of Gaza makes it inaccessible to grassroots delegations that visit Palestine. We recognize that the simple notion of ‘inconvenience’ is an intended outcome of the blockade of Gaza, hindering the possibility for collaborative efforts, intellectual and cultural production, or even conversation between the people of Gaza and the outside world.

The economic situation in besieged Gaza, and of all Palestinians living under Zionist settler colonialism, can only ultimately be resolved using political means. Connecting Palestinians in Gaza to capital circulation outside of it is a useful tool for mitigating the employment situations of some; nevertheless, we are forced to work around the blockade in making this happen. The real confrontation against the blockade is built up long-term, in part through the content sharing and conversation on the Tawwasal site.

Our Team

Amira: Co-Founder
Yousef: Co-Founder